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Park Safety

Bawsey Country Park is a wonderful place to visit and enjoy the outdoors. However, as with any outdoor space, there are potential hazards. By following a few simple rules, visitors can enjoy the park and keep themselves safe and the environment safe and beautiful.

A defibrillator unit is available at the park. The unit is in a cabinet secured to the
outside wall of the toilet block at Car Park (East). In the event of an emergency, dial 999,
give the location and you will be provided with the access code for the cabinet.


Swimming is not permitted in either of the two lakes at Bawsey Country Park. The water temperature, even at the height of summer, on a hot day, can be cold enough to, potentially, cause problems. Cold water shock can affect anyone, regardless of age or fitness and the video below explains the dangers and effects. 
Please don't put your life, or the lives of others at risk - PLEASE STAY OUT OF THE WATER.

Download a water safety leaflet here.

This leaflet is also available in several other languages

Download the RNLI Float to Live leaflet here.

No fires or BBQs permitted.

Bawsey Country Park is a large open space and, at certain times, the undergrowth can be very dry. Fires and BBQs pose a significant threat which is why we do not allow their use in the park and the removal of branches to make fires causes damage to the park. Please help us to keep the park safe and beautiful for everyone.

Download a fire safety leaflet here.
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The roadways throughout the site are for emergency and estate vehicles and pedestrians only.


The unauthorised use of off-road vehicles of any kind is not permitted anywhere in the park.

The use of such vehicles may result in the police being informed.

Do not take your vehicle out of the parking areas at any time.

You may be prosecuted, banned from the site and your vehicle seized by the police.


All events and organisations must have prior written approval from the park operator

(Bawsey Limited) before commencing any type of activity on these premises.

Dogs are welcome at the park and are allowed into the water. We ask that dogs are kept under control which means either being on the lead, or in sight and within easy recall range.

This park is open for everyone to enjoy. Please abide by the rules.

If you spot any incidents that we should know about, please contact us and quote the location of the incident using a grid reference from the map shown below.

A useful way to get an accurate location is to use what3words, a system recognised and used by the emergency services. Please visit what3words for more information and to download the app.

You can call us on 01553 603925 on weekdays 9.00 am to 5.00 pm, message us through Facebook,

or send an email to or

Click the map to open it in a new window

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